Who are you?

I’m the one who first of all instals uBlock and does not hesitate to spend time setting it up. I mark any advertising posts as “spam” and banners as “offensive content”. You definitely do not want such an aggressive opponent of advertising.

I don't care, I want to advertise with you.

I do not buy, sell or advertise in any form or for any money. Only free and proven recommendations.

Why not?

I hate commercials. “Native” misleading and wasting the precious time of the reader. Banners take away useful space for content, not to mention the fact that they generally look disgusting. Pop-up’s are cause for rejection and close the access to the web. Links are often simply irrelevant. After all, advertising is dismissive of privacy and sells personal data to third parties without the knowledge of those who watch and click on it.

But what about profits?!

You do not believe it, but there are alternative methods of attracting an audience without the use of advertising: fees, donations, subscriptions, sales of sovereign and/or exclusive items, recommendations of friends/acquaintances, “share” buttons, backlinks and so on. People are able to independently support what they like. What is destined to die, will not help any infusion into advertising and marketing. The market decides.

Well, then I want to buy a recommendation.

Recommendations are not for sale. This is a completely voluntary and free procedure.

Okay, how it works?

You provide me a product or service. If I like it, I will gladly place the necessary referral links, recommend it to my audience and become your buyer/client. If I don’t like something, I’ll let you know (no public humiliation, just feedback).

And what are the selection criteria?

The goods should be cool, and the service - quality. You can give me access to testing your new game/programm, show videos, listen music, read texts… In general - anything.

Fine. What about metrics?

Yandex metrics avaliable here.

Persuaded. How can I contact you?

Write an email, see what we can do.